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25 th February 2022 @ Janie

Are you a dreamer? Are you dreaming to study in one of the best countries in the World? Then don’t hesitate to select Canada as your learning destination. Because Canada is consistently at the top of the best countries in the world. Its economy is fast growing and offers the highest standard of living for the people. The followings are the top reasons to select Canada to pursue your higher studies in the future. 

High Quality Education

Canada is an internationally recognized learning destination for its excellent academic standards from pre-elementary to colleges and universities. There are 26 Canadian universities at the top of the rankings according to the QS World University Rankings 2021. The degrees and certificates issued by Canada are highly acceptable worldwide.

Affordable Education

Canada offers the best quality education with a high standard of living at an affordable price compared with other English-speaking countries. Most colleges and universities offer the lowest tuition fees because of the highest number of students are immigrating to Canada. Therefore paying tuition fees is not a big challenge to the students.

Opportunities for Scholarships

Canada offers many scholarships and Fellowships to international students in a wide range of areas such as Medicine, Business, Hospitality, Education, agriculture, Engineering, Computing, Art, etc. Most of the international students are applying for scholarships for their post-graduate education. There is a higher rate of possibility to get a scholarship. Students can choose universities and colleges that provide scholarships and grants based on their field of study and interest. Some of the most popular scholarships among international students are Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships, University Canada West Scholarships, Ontario Trillium Scholarships (OTS), UBC Scholarship (University of British Colombia).

Multicultural Society

Canadians are very friendly and they represent almost all of the ethnic groups in the world. Therefore it is easy to find foods and recreation activities with a specific culture. Most of the universities warmly welcome international students and they help them get in touch with ethnic clubs and associations.

Job Opportunities for International Students

International students have a great opportunity to work as full-time workers after graduation in Canada. Most companies offer attractive job packages that help international students to make their life better. You can get a post-graduate work permit to work up to three years after studies while staying in Canada. At the same time, the Canadian government has made a chance for international students to take up part-time job opportunities while pursuing their studies.

Easy Pathway to Permanent Residence

Are you having a dream to settle down your life in Canada? Thanks to its wonderful climate, immigration-friendly policies, and high standard of living, most people are having that dream. Then getting a student visa is the easiest path to get permanent residency in Canada. Because, Canada provides you a chance to live and work with a permanent residency after your graduation. Therefore most international students apply for the PR and, there is a higher possibility to obtain PR easily compared with other popular learning destinations.

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