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Germany’s Labor Shortage Forcing German Govt to Introduce it’s own Green Card

The Germany Govt. is introducing it’s own version of Green Card – “The Chancenkarte (Literally : Opportunity Card)” in an attempt to plug it’s desperate labor shortage.

The new “opportunity Card” presented by labor minister Hubertus Heil will offer foreign nationals the chance to come to Germany to look for work even without a job offer, as long as they fulfill at least these 3 of 4 criteria :

  • A University Degree or Professional Qualification
  • Professional Experience of at least 3 years
  • Language Skill or previous residence in Germany
  • Aged under 35

Currently, Non-EU citizens need to have a Job Offer before they can relocate to Germany . A visa for Job Seeker already exists, but the German Govt’s new “The Chancenkarte” scheme is expected to make it easier and faster for people looking to work in Germany.

This point based opportunity will allow people to come and look for job while in the country rather then applying from abroad.

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