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Canada Is All Set To Offer PR in Fastrack for International Students & Foreign National Skilled Workers

Like many European countries, Canada is also facing Labor Shortage, in order to resolve this, Canada’s Immigration Minister Sean Fraser has unveiled a plan to increase the number of international students and foreign workers with extensive work experience for permanent residency in fields where there is a persistent labor shortage. This took place after Liberal MP Randeep Sarai’s Private Member’s Motion M-44 was approved by the House of Commons in May.

According to Fraser, the Justin Trudeau government wants to make more avenues to permanent residency possible since temporary foreign workers and international students are crucial to Canada’s economy. Foreign workers bring a wide range of skill sets and educational backgrounds, assist corporate growth, creativity, and productivity, all of which contribute to the economic recovery and growth of Canada, Fraser said. They also help solve the immediate workforce needs of various companies, he added.

Canada will have a “five pillar approach” to address the issue. According to the immigration plan for 2022–2024, Canada will have a greater, permanent labor supply. In order to solve labor market shortages and support Canada’s post-pandemic economic recovery, this proposal raises the chances for more temporary employees to convert to permanent residence.

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Provinces and territories will have the freedom under the Justin Trudeau administration to modify and develop their immigration streams to suit their own labour market requirements. Through technical advancements, The government will modernise the immigration system, increase processing capacity, and enhance the client experience. All of these programmes aim to hasten the process of welcoming immigrants to Canada as permanent residents.

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