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Top 10 Scholarship for International Students

The students who are very hard working and are self-motivated for their studies should have the best quality of education facilities. This article is for you if you are a student in this category. We will discuss ten scholarship programs for the brightest international students worldwide. 

We had classified these Scholarships into three categories :

  • Government Funded 
  • University Funded
  • Institute Funded

Government Funded International Scholarships 

1)Fulbright Scholar Program

  • Funded By – U.S. Department of State
  • Establishment Year – 1946


  • Official Transcripts
  • GRE Score
  • Document endorsing an individual’s professional or academic performance
  • TOEFL Exam

Note – If you are eligible for the criteria shown above does not guarantee the Fulbright scholarship program as requirements vary from country to country.


  •  Students will receive compensation of $1000 to $2500 per month.
  • This scholarship will also cover health insurance expenses. All the treatments expense will be paid by Governing body only.
  • The scholarship program will also cover total tuition fees. All textbook expenses will be covered by the Fulbright program only.

2)Chevening Scholarships 

  • Funded By -The Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO) partner organizations
  • Establishment Year – 1983


  • If you are a citizen of a Chevening-eligible country or territory
  • At least two years of work experience
  • Received an offer from any  UK university courses.


  •  This scholarship program recipient will cover students’ housing expenses.
  • Tuition fees will be also paid by the program only.
  • 90$ contribution will be made for the skin test.
  • Visa application costs will also be paid. (Source)

3)Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme 

  • Funded By – the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
  • Establishment Year – 1999


  • Programmed is reserved for Non-French Nationality.
  • The minimum age required is 25 years old.
  • This program is mainly for those who want to enroll in their master’s and Ph.D. programs.


  •  The monthly grant amount for Master’s programs in 2022 is $1233.
  • Students will also get additional benefits including insurance, and accommodation facilities.

Note – Annual tuition fees will be paid by students only.

4) Australia Awards Scholarships

  • Funded By – the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
  • Establishment Year:  – 


  • Recipients must have the nationality of India, and Bangladesh.
  • The minimum age required is18 years old.
  • TOEFL Exam
  • Australia Visa required
  • National Identity Required


  •  Tuition fees will be paid by the scholarship program only.
  • Contribution to living expenses.
  • Medical expenses will be provided to scholars.


University-funded International Scholarships

5) Gates Cambridge Scholarships

  • Funded By – the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (source)
  • Establishment Year: 2000


  • If you are a citizen of any non-UK country.
  • If you have applied for one of the following full-time residential courses at Cambridge University: Ph.D. MPhil/MoLit A year of higher education c.


  •  Visa expenses will be covered.
  • education costs will be fully covered by this scholarship.
  • 1 economy-class single fare airfare will be provided.
  • The award will also cover costs related to hardship.

6) Clarendon Scholarships at the University of Oxford

  • Funded By – Oxford University Press
  • Established – 2000 


  • You should have Outstanding educational achievement.
  • You should have a Gpa of 3.7 out of 4 as most Clarendon scholars have more than this score
  • The English language is a must.
  • Eligible countries: All countries worldwide.

You can check more details here – details


  • Clarendon scholarships cover tuition fees as well as college fees.
  • Full-time scholarship recipients receive a generous annual living grant. It is approx $18,246.

Check on the official page – Click here

7)Knight-Hennesy Scholars Program at Stanford University

  • Funded By – the King Global Leadership Program (KGLP)
  • Established – 2016


  • You need to apply to be accepted by and enroll in a full-time graduate program at Stanford.
  • You should have an undergraduate degree from the United States or its equivalent from a recognized college or university.

You can check more details here – details


  • A companionship is implemented directly to cover tuition and related prices.
  • A travel grant to cover one economy class ticket for annual travel to and from Stanford.

You can check more details here – details

8)Schwarzman Scholars Program at Tsinghua University

  • Funded By –  Stephen A. Schwarzman
  • Established – 2016


  • Age should be above 18 and not more than 29 years.
  • Applicants should have strong English skills. If the native language is something else, then TOEFL Exam should be cleared.

You can check more details here – details


  • Scholars will receive scholarships that will include tuition fees and housing expenses.
  • The textbook required in the particular academic year will also be covered by the program only.
  • The scholarship will also include health expenses.

Institute-funded International Scholarships

9)Joint Japan World Bank Scholarships 

  • Funded By – The Government of Japan
  • Established – 1987


  • You should not have dual citizenship with any advanced nation;
  • Remain Healthy!
  • Possess a Bachelor’s (or equivalent) degree and three years or more of recent job experience in the development sector;
  • Possess a Bachelor’s (or comparable) degree that was acquired at least three years before the application deadline;


  • You can complete your graduation from this program benefits.
  • It has made 6000+ professionals in developing countries.

You can check more benefits from their official page – WBSP

10)Rotary Foundation Global Study Grants

  • Funded By – The Annual Fund (primary source)
  • Established – 1917


  • If you have a long-lasting and enduring effect on society.
  • You should have outstanding interpersonal and public speaking abilities
  • You should have good skills in a specific language.


  •  The global grant project has a minimum budget of 30,000 USD.
  • These scholarships are mainly given to Vocational Training Teams.

More benefits are here – Click 

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